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The sygnals of structural meaning( thingness or action) are called by Fries
"Formal classes". He doesn't deny the term "parts of speech". Further, he
establishes the words, that are characterized by a similar set of positions,
which enables him to refer certain words to this or that common class. For this
purpose, he takes the minimal utterance( or frames).
Class 1 Cl. 3
Frame A: The concert was good.
Frame B: The cleark remembered the text.
Frame C: The team went there.
So, he established 4 classes of notional words & 15 classes of functional ones.
He considered his classification to highly objective, because it is structural.
Later оп - 64 classes of functional words He himself calls the classes -
"positional classes of words".
Parts of speech are subdivided further, they're objective to
Nouns: common & proper; countable & uncountable; abstract nouns...
Verbs: notional & functional;...
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